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Ignite the Spark

August 11, 2017
Building Your Church’s Communication House from the Ground Up
Valley Presbyterian, Paradise Valley

This daylong workshop, conducted by communications
professionals on the Presbyterian Mission Agency staff,
will give you tips and techniques to better reach your
audience. We’ll offer insights and guidelines on creating
a communications plan for your congregation, discuss the
“do’s and don’ts” of media relations and “pitching” stories
to your local media. You’ll learn proven techniques for using
social media tools like Facebook and Twitter and leave with
tips that will make your communications more effective
and help increase your reach. Flyer


October 20, 2017 (PdC) Valley Presbyterian, Green Valley
November 3, 2017 (PGC) Location TBD

Zach Yentzer: Ministry to (and with) Millennials

Zach, a Millennial, a Tucson native and a PK, is the founder and principal of 100 Cities Ministry and author Creative: Designing Churches that Engage Generations Together. Zach believes churches can move toward becoming more intergenerational, creative and impactful through establishing relationships of “mutual mentoring” across generations. Zach’s workshop will describe the three-part framework that churches need to build to create the kind of environment that such relationships can, may and will happen.

January 26, 2018
T. Denise Anderson: Cultivating Multi-Cultural Ministry
Location TBA

The Rev. T. Denise Anderson is co-Moderator of General Assembly and pastor of Unity Presbyterian Church in Temple Hills, MD. Together with fellow co-moderator Jan Edmiston, Denise has called the denomination, first, to examine our own ministry practices related to race and, second, be intentional in reaching across racial lines to “engage the conversation” toward exhibiting the Kingdom of God to the world (the Sixth Great End of the Church). Denise’s workshop will discuss the perspectives and practices needed, and the ideas and opportunities possible, for churches to cultivate best practices for multi-cultural ministry.

March 2, 2018 (PGC) Location TBA
April 20, 2018 (PdC) Location TBA
Vera White: What “Old” Churches Can Learn from “New” Communities

Vera White is the director of General Assemblies 1,001 New Worshipping Communities initiative and the lead trainer and coach of new worshipping community pastors. In her workshop, Vera will discuss what established churches can and need to learn from the best practices of new worshipping communities to focus a church’s outreach efforts, renew its outreach energy, and turn their focus from outside-in to inside-out. Contrary to popular belief, one can teach an “old” dog “new” tricks!

Music to give away

On August 11th and August 12th, Ministers of Music/Church Music Directors are invited to look over choral music that has been housed at Valley Presbyterian for quite some time and was owned by Historic First Presbyterian Church in Phoenix.

The next joint Presbytery meeting is August 11 and 12.  For interested church music leaders, Laurie Porter will be at Valley on August 11th from 1 – 4 pm, and Mary Saylor will be there on Saturday, August 12, to assist you.

Information you may find helpful:

  • Over 600 choral pieces
  • Pieces cover classical composers; Bach, Haydn, Bizet, Handel, Mendelsohn, and more., to contemporary composers such as, John Carter, David Allen, Walter Ehret, Greg Sewell, Austin Lovelace, Natalie Sleeth, and more.
  • Most pieces have an estimated 50 copies; don’t feel pressured to take all copies — take what seems right to you
  • Pieces are simple SATB through difficult – some pieces have instrumental part
  • Includes selections for Christmas, Easter, Spirituals, Communion, Children’s and general Anthems, Offertories, as well as some musical selections from Godspell, etc.
  • Significant but incomplete card catalog if you want to check for a specific piece

This music is FREE if you will take it and give it a good home.  Please bring your own box/container for the music you take.

If you are interested but will not be able to be at Valley Presbyterian onAugust 11th or 12th, please contact Jennifer Hamm, Minister of Music, Valley Presbyterian Church at 480-991-6424 ext.142.  She can work with you to find a date/time for you to look at what’s available.

If you have questions, please do contact either Mary Saylor ( or Laurie Porter (

Celebrate International Peacemaker Week in GCP!

September 28  through October 3, 2017 the Peace and Justice Network will host International Peacemaker Phares Nyaga Mithamo from Kenya.  He is the Director of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa’s Eastleigh Community Center.  Located in Nairobi, this center focuses on youth and women within the major slum communities of the city and other poverty stricken areas of Kenya.

The key elements of the center’s projects are:

  • Provide education and skill building as tool to sustainable peace
  • Address extreme violence and radicalization through peace education and enterprise development
  • Interreligious dialogues
  • Education for active nonviolence to conflict

The workshops during Phares’ visit will give insight into Christian Muslim relations, as well as practical approaches to achieving peace.

Our preliminary schedule includes a Sunday sermon and workshop at Faith Presbyterian in Sun City, a Saturday address and workshop at the PWP Fall Gathering to be held at Valley Presbyterian in Scottsdale, and a Saturday evening celebration at Orangewood Presbyterian in Phoenix.  Other congregations are invited to host an event on Friday, September 29 or Monday, October 2.  Contact Phebe Packer or Cindy Michels


The Big Event- August 12

Valley Presbyterian Church
6947 E McDonald Dr.
Paradise Valley, AZ

A day-long series of workshops for pastors and lay leaders in the Presbyteries of Grand Canyon and de Cristo.  Choose from over 20 workshops.  Celebrate in worship and the Lord’s Supper. Meet new brothers and sisters in faith!
Click here for Workshop descriptions


Fall Gathering- Presbyterian Women

Fall Gathering for the Grand Canyon
Saturday  September 30, 2017
Valley Presbyterian,  Paradise Valley, AZ
$10.00 Registration, 8:30am registration
9-3:00 programs and work shops.
Lunch is  included.

Celebrate Your Congregation’s Hunger Action!

By Dr. Tamera Zivic

Have you Heard that You may be part of a Hunger Action Congregation?  So, what does THAT mean?
The Presbyterian Hunger Program, PC(USA) is celebrating the faithful work of Presbyterians responding to the biblical call to alleviate hunger and end its causes. We wish to acknowledge the work you are doing to end hunger, and to be mutually inspired to deepen and broaden our ministries.  (Food-Faith Hunger Covenant. (2017, May 31). Retrieved June 30, 2017, from

Through these many years, I have had the honor of working, through WHEAT and as the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery, with many of our congregations as they venture into new ways to tackle the issues surrounding poverty and hunger and the struggle to find the means to help others help themselves.

Presbytery of Grand Canyon has a lot to celebrate as we continue to provide emergency food, speak out against injustices in our communities, such as supporting the Campaign for Fair Food, make lifestyle choices that have long term effects on the earth and the wages people earn like buying t-shirts from Sweat Free T’s, provide mission funds to support developing countries, participate in the Cents-Ability program and so much more.

But is celebrating the right thing to do when it is what is expected of us and is our Christian calling – to help others when they are in need?  I would say ‘yes,’ not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but to celebrate what we continue to see as our personal ministry, no matter what the odds, always in all ways.  This is a celebration of the human spirit, helping one another, so that no one person is left without, a way to exemplify our beliefs.

The impact of our actions on others and how we live our lives, individually and as people of faith, may never be known.  That is also a celebration of our faith in the unknown and how living a life of giving will lead to joy and life for others.

Christ came so that all may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10b)

So, start with your Congregation and help us celebrate the ways that you are making a difference in the lives of one or of many.  This celebration and sharing with our fellow Presbyterians of the ways that we are ministering to, with, by and for others to alleviate hunger and poverty, also celebrates the changes that we are helping to make, worldwide, no matter how large or small.

Use this special time in the summer to acknowledge your place as a Hunger Action Congregation!  Help us Celebrate the impacts that you are making!

Yours is a Hunger Action Congregation if you are doing an activity in one or more of these areas.

1) Hunger Alleviation
2) Development assistance
3) Hunger Education
4) Lifestyle Integrity
5) Corporate and Public Policy Witness
6) Worship

For congregations that are doing one or more activity in all six areas, you can be a Certified Hunger Action Congregation.  All of the Hunger Action Congregations will be celebrated on October 16, World Food Day.  The PHP program would like to have at least 25 congregations signed up by September 15; you can find the instructions and Hunger Action Congregation form here:

Need more information or guidance?  I’m here to help!

Dr. Tamera Zivic serves as the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery & Executive Director/CEO of WHEAT.  The mission of the World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task Force, Inc. (WHEAT) is to educate, advocate, motivate and empower individuals to action in the fight against poverty and hunger.  The Presbyterian Church in Arizona was one of 19 faith denominations that founded WHEAT in 1979 ~ that relationship continues to thrive as WHEAT and its executive director, Tamera, serve as a source and resource for hunger ministries and as the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery.

Contact us at:  602/955.5076 or  email:


Dr. Carlo was a first responder to scenes of domestic violence during his 27-year career as a paramedic with the NY Fire Department. Since receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia University, and as the Associate Dean and Professor of Urban Studies and religion and Education at Alliance Theological Seminary in NYC, he speaks at numerous conferences, in seminary classrooms as well as from his Bronx pulpit. Dr. Carlo proposes justice instead of passivity as the corrective for violence. His reflection here (excerpted from a longer article) illustrates how crucial it is that we think theologically about the issue of domestic violence.  (FaithTrust Institute intro, 2004)

Dr. Carlo: “God undoes chaos by giving the earth form, fullness, and life, shaping and filling the earth as a dwelling place for humans—male and female—created in the image of God. Design, harmony, order and life have come forth out of chaos, confusion and disorder. The peace of God is in all of creation.

But what is peace? In Hebrew, peace is shalom—not simply the absence of conflict, but the presence of wholeness, integrity, and completeness. Violence disrupts God’s design for humanity and creation. The believer is called to actively promote justice. The church must develop both short-term and long-term approaches. In the short-term, the safety of the victim and family members must be protected, and batterers must be held genuinely accountable for their violent actions. This can be accomplished first by listening and believing victims’ stories, and second by appropriate referral of all family members to agencies poised to provide immediate aid and long-term treatment.

But it is equally important for clergy to develop a long-range plan for ministering to the broken by becoming educated about abuse, wrestling with God and scripture, adopting policies that bring God’s peace through justice, and training leaders and congregations in implementing an appropriate response.

We must be a voice speaking into this issue—condemning all forms of advertisement, language, music, etc., that promote violence; preaching sermons, writing articles, and praying for victims of violence; educating our congregations and taking a clear stand against violence.

The church and clergy must look for deeper theological themes and truth to confront domestic violence with authority and love. We ministers must do our homework and not be satisfied with easy answers…Domestic violence is not only a physical or social crisis. It is a crisis of the human spirit and soul.”

Please contact Joan Fenton, for information on workshops and classes.

Upcoming Presbytery Meetings

Saturday, August 12
Stated Presbytery meeting- Please pre-register for workshops!
6947 E. McDonald Dr., Paradise Valley

8:00 a.m..  Check-In
Review of Records
9:00 a.m.   Combined Business Meeting
10:00 a.m.  Worship and Celebration of the Lord’s Supper
Election of 223rd GA Commissioners
11:15 a.m.    Big Event Workshops begin

PRESBYTERY MATERIALS (Commissioners are responsible for downloading and printing)
17.8.12 Consent Agenda
17.8.12 Commission Reports – GC
GA Nominations

Additional YAAD nominee- New
2017 International Peacemaker
George Brooks Nomination form

Saturday, August 12- The Big Event with Stated Presbytery meeting (Valley GC)
Saturday, November 4- Grand Canyon (Location TBA)

Friday, January  26- Saturday, January 27- Casa Grande
Saturday, March 3 (Location TBA)
Saturday, August 25- St. Andrew’s (Tucson)
Saturday, November 3- Chandler

Super Massive Pulpit Exchange

For the second year, Orangewood will be participating in the super-massive-pulpit-exchange.  Well, I guess calling it super-massive is a bit of an exaggeration, but that is what preachers are good at.  What will happen is that over the course of 2 weeks 5 different Presbyterian Churches from around the valley will swap preachers.

This means you get to hear some different voices from around the presbytery.  It also means that Orangewood pastors Ken and Tully get to ‘test out’ their sermons on a different church before they deliver that sermon at OPC; so hopefully the quality of the preaching will be better the 2nd time around.

On Sunday April 23, Pastor Ken will preach at Faith Presbyterian in Sun City; and Orangewood will get to hear from Rev. Kristin Rice or Rev. Susan Moorefield (both are from Faith).  On Sunday April 30, Pastor Tully will preach at Emmanuel PC; and Orangewood will get to hear Rev. Michael Hartwell from Crosswinds PC.

Why are we doing this?

As Presbyterians we are part of a connectional church.  That means that we don’t do this faith thing alone.  Ever!  As Christians, we are called by God to be in constant community with one another.  One Christian alone can’t worship.  One Christian alone can’t be a church.  We live out this connectional faith by praying for one another, and collaborating with one another in mission.  We learn from each other.  We share resources and ideas.  And when things go really bad we step in and help one another.

Orangewood does this by including other Presbyterians on our Mission trips to Rocky Point & Honduras.  Our youth visit the Ghost Ranch every summer with other youth from all over the country.  And once a year, we swap preachers and listen to new points of view.  Below are some quotes from some of the preachers involved last year.


Rev. Tully M. Fletcher IV

Over the last couple of years we have participated in a number of activities with either Emmanuel or Palo Cristi.  Not only has Crosswinds enjoyed the experiences, it has given the congregation a real sense what it means to be a connectional church.  We are not alone, but part of a larger community.
-Michael from Crosswinds

I am looking forward to meeting another congregation in Grand Canyon Presbytery during their Sunday Worship. It is always interesting and informative to join with other Presbyterians, learning about their worship services, and getting to know them as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Participating in worship with Westminster will be a joy as we praise God together!
                                    -Linda from Palo Cristi

I’m excited about participating in this pulpit exchange because Presbyterians are a connectional church.  Often we only see each other for business – Worshipping and praying together is a chance for us to build relationships as sisters and brothers in Christ.  I’m also excited for my church to hear from some very blessed preachers!
                                    -Ken, from Orangewood


“Ignite the Spark” A Three Year Cycle of Workshops Aimed at Initiating Congregational Renewal

“Ignite the Spark”
Three Year Cycle of Workshops Aimed at
Initiating Congregational Renewal

These workshops are free to pastors and congregational leaders (limit 3 per church) and available on a first-come, first served basis.  Registration includes a meal, workshop registration and hotel for anyone travelling over 50 miles to attend.


Friday, November 3
Friday, January 26, 2018
Friday, March 2, 2018
Friday, November 2, 2018