As our churches are facing uncommon challenges during this time of a pandemic, it is of the upmost importance that we share our financial gifts the Lord has blessed us with.

OUR Presbytery donates money from our Mission budget every year to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA).

Several of OUR churches and worshiping communities have been hit hard during this pandemic. With your MISSION DOLLARS, the PDA, in turn has recently funded grants to 18 churches and 4 chapels in OUR Presbytery.

The PDA Grants have helped the leadership of our congregations lessen the impact of a stressful environment that our members are facing. The PDA has been with the churches in the beginning and during this pandemic, offering guidance and training of safe practices and as we begin to open our churches.

The PDA provides humanitarian relief for families and children at the U.S./Mexico border. It helps to support Presbyterian congregations as they minister to God’s children.

Money is not the only thing OUR churches need at this moment. This pandemic has increased the number of families and individuals facing hard times, and the ability to provide for their families. Especially for our brothers and sisters on the Navajo Nation. In April and May of this year your gifts supported our response to the COVID-19 that hit their community hard. With a big help from Valley Presbyterian Church, many of our churches were able to donate food, bottled water, disinfectants and other needed supplies. The Presbytery of the Grand Canyon provided a month of groceries to 500 families on the Navajo Nation.


The Congregational Resource Team (CRT) has Mission Priority Grants of the Presbytery for congregational development and partnership among congregations; for starting new worshiping communities and for supporting regional programs, such as mission outreach.

Your continued support helps continue Christ’s ministry throughout OUR Presbytery through these grants.

The gifts we give, gives back to OUR Presbytery. YOUR GIFTS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Yours In Christ,

Congregational Resourcing Team’s (CRT) Mission Opportunities Sub-Committee