An appeal for help from Border Ministries (REVISED)

My Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters,

In John 21:15-17, Jesus asks Peter three times if Peter loves him. Each time Jesus tells him to care for and feed his sheep. Jesus is our shepherd. We are his sheep. In the case of these displaced humans, seeking asylum from gangs and oppression, we are Peter and have been called to feed the sheep. The need at our border is real.  In addition to praying for a safer and better life for the migrants and their families, we are being called to feed God’s sheep.

The Congregational Resourcing Team (CRT) of which I am a member, has given us full backing—–not just for this one time, but as ongoing work. We need continued humanitarian efforts and prayers for our brothers and sisters, who are trying to make better lives for themselves and their families.

My hope is that you can collect these supplies from your congregations starting as soon as possible. Please contact me at   when you’d like us to pick up the items.We originally planned to take everything to Douglas on the weekend of June 8-9. We found that we needed more time, so have changed our trip date to the weekend of June 22 and 23. We welcome others to make the trip with us, in celebration of the season of Pentecost, and the birth of our Christian Church. What better way to celebrate Christ than continuing his ministry?

Many Blessings,

Teri Conrad, CRT Member      Shannon Langston, CRT Chair

Items Needed:








Bars of soap

Diapers in many sizes

*Underwear for *children and adults

*Socks for *children and adults

Shoes for children and adults

Toilet paper



Trash bags

Feminine hygiene supplies

*Cleaning supplies – of all kinds

*Cleaners – like Fabulosa

*Laundry soap


Coloring books


Books in Spanish




* = Items most in need of right now

With exception of deodorant, they need large volume packages, not the individual containers you get at hotels. These supplies will help the asylum seekers, who are waiting for a place in line. The are currently staying in a crowded Catholic shelter.

Thank you for your generosity.

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