Applications being accepted for Grant

How is the Spirit blowing amidst your church? What bit of shelter are you to provide God’s creation? What shade from the sun? What wonder to behold? As we seek together to withstand the howling winds of change roiling through our country, how is the Wind of God helping us to bend but not break, to endure? We, the Church, may not be all that much to look at sometimes, but we still belong to God. How are you being called to blossom?

The work of revitalization continues still, as the need to confront new challenges remains and God’s Spirit never stops leading and guiding. There are seven churches between the two presbyteries who have officially covenanted to participate in the Thrive Project, and still others who, unofficially, are adapting parts of the Thrive Project resources for their ministries. That’s not a huge number, only a bit of leaven, so the question arises: “What about the rest of us?”

Both for those who participate in the Thrive Project and for those who do not, the leadership teams of each presbytery have made available new dollars for new ideas for this new day. The “third season” of the Thrive Project is a season of experimentation and we are encouraging all churches to imagine new possibilities. To help with the process, dollars from the unused restricted funds carried over from the Ignite the Spark! workshops will be offered to churches desiring to try a ministry experiment they would not otherwise be able to afford. Funds are set aside for the churches who have covenanted their participation with the Thrive Project, with remaining funds offered on a first-come, first-served basis. CLICK HERE FOR AN APPLICATION

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