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Annual State Presbytery meeting, January 26-27

Annual Stated Meeting of Presbytery
Friday, January 26-Saturday January 27, 2018
First Presbyterian
702 E Cottonwood Ln
Casa Grande, AZ
Plenary speaker: Rev. T. Denise Anderson, 222nd General Assembly Co-Moderator
2 p.m Registration
3 p.m.  Meeting begins

8:45 a.m Reconvene
12:15 p.m. Grand Canyon Business meeting
Call to the Presbytery meeting

The remainder of the materials will be uploaded here by Friday, January 19.  Attendees are responsible for downloading and printing their own materials.

Register for Dinner

Congregational Revitalization Pilot Program

This year we will launch a congregational revitalization program! We have been invited by the Evangelism and Congregational Revitalization team of General Assembly to participate in a pilot project on helping congregations seek revitalization. We will launch August 23, with congregational registrations sought beginning after Easter. To prepare ourselves for this immersive conversation and experience, I plan to devote the time between now and the August launch to till the soil of revitalization, including missives on the topic in this newsletter.

As an initial offering, let me share with you the “7 Marks of a Healthy Congregation” identified as necessary for revitalization:

  • Lifelong discipleship formation
  • Intentional, authentic evangelism
  • Outward, incarnational focus
  • Empowered servant leadership
  • Spirit-inspired worship
  • Caring relationships
  • Ecclesial health

    Each week for the next seven weeks, I will discuss one of these marks of a healthy congregation in more detail. For this week, I encourage you to Click here to get an overview of these “marks” or symptoms of health in a survey instrument designed to stimulate creative conversation toward deeper discernment. I encourage the survey’s use by your Session and other leadership groups within your congregation. It works well to take one section per month at the beginning of a Session meeting or to focus on one to three key areas at a Session retreat; any more than that will feel rushed and, therefore, ineffective.

    Please feel free to use the survey either “as is” or modified to fit your church’s core convictions and values regarding healthy ministry. The point is not the survey’s verbiage; rather the purpose is to seek the will of God, the mind of Christ, and the guidance of Holy Spirit together as the Body of Christ. The goal is not to gather data through a survey but to use the survey as a spring board toward deep, thoughtful, sabbath-rhythmed conversations that discern God’s will for your ministry. Where do you share a common vision? Where are there points of creative tension?

Time flies when we’re having fun; time flies faster in ministry! When was the last time your church had deep, thoughtful, sabbath-rhythmed conversations that discerned God’s will? If it has been longer than three years, you are due for a “Season of Discernment.” There is plenty of time to discuss among yourselves any suspicions you may have that “the same old, same old” isn’t working as effectively as it used to work. If you come to the conviction God wants to challenge your congregation to step out in faith, in the name of love, for the sake of the world’s one hope, please know we are in this together. We can do this!

Launch count down T-minus 33 weeks and counting,

Brad Munroe

Presbytery-wide Shoe Drive “Kicks” Off

Whether you know it or not, there are people in your community of faith who are having a hard time making a go of it.  And when you look beyond your own congregation, there are scores of families struggling to provide food, shelter and clothing for their children.  The Presbyteries of Grand Canyon and de Cristo cover the entire state of Arizona and a little bit of Utah and New Mexico.  By pooling our resources, we can touch nearly 100 churches and the communities they serve.

Fill out the form below and return it to the Presbytery office.  After the January 26-27 Presbytery meeting, you will be contacted about collecting a portion of the shoes collected for distribution in your church community.  We encourage you to promote the program in your congregation and have your representatives to the Presbytery meeting bring them to the collection point at First Presbyterian Church, Casa Grande.

Shoe drive flyer- fillable

Ignite the Spark- January 26

FRIDAY, JANUARY 26- 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church Casa Grande

The Rev. T. Denise Anderson is co-Moderator of the General Assembly and pastor of Unity Presbyterian Church in Temple Hills, MD. Together with co-Moderator Jan Edmiston, Denise has called the denomination, first, to examine our own ministry practices related to race and, second, be intentional in reaching across racial lines to “engage the conversation” toward exhibit the Kingdom of God to the world (the Sixth Great End of the Church). Denise’s workshop will discuss the perspective and practices needed, and the ideas and opportunities possible, for churches to cultivate best practices for multi-cultural ministry.


Stated Annual Meeting January 26-27, 2018

First Presbyterian Church
702 E Cottonwood, Casa Grande

Guest Speaker- Rev. T. Denise Anderson, Co-Moderator, General Assembly
Installation of New Moderators- Rev. Judith Wellington, Liz Lopshire-Kadig|
Celebration of the Lord’s Supper


Last week we joined 120 other camp staff from North America at the annual PCCCA Conference at Mo Ranch in Texas. As Montlure is dreaming and rebuilding for the future, this conference came at the perfect time and has given us inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward.
Is your church considering a new alternative to a VBS program for the summer? We would love to talk to you about our top-notch Traveling Day Camp program as we only have one spot left! Montlure Day Camp is a unique blend between local church ministry and camping ministry. Montlure will bring all the curriculum, materials, programming, and staff direct to your church facilities while the church will provide some light volunteer support so they can connect intentionally with campers and families. Camps typically run 9am-3pm (with extended care option until 5pm). This is a wonderful way working parents can be at ease for a week knowing their child(ren) are safe and having an incredible time. Email: for more information.

Registration for 2018 Overnight Summer Camp is OPEN!

Early Registrations will also receive a Montlure Swag Bag ~ While supplies last!

Registration for 2018 Summer Camp is OPEN!

Early Registrations will also receive a Montlure Swag Bag ~
While supplies last!
Juniors Camp (4th/5th Grade) – June 17th-21st
Junior High Camp (6th-8th Grade) – June 24th-29th
Senior High Camp (9th-12th Grade) – June 10th-15th
Montlure Traveling Day Camp still has openings for summer programs geared to campers 1st-6th grade. Montlure will bring all the curriculum, materials, programming, and staff direct to your church facilities. Montlure Day Camp is a week long program, bringing outdoor ministry into partnership with your congregation. Camps typically run 9am-3pm (with extended care option until 5pm!), which is an incredible benefit to working parents during the summer. Contact us today to see if hosting Montlure Day Camp is right for your community. (Email:
Thank you Orangewood Presbyterian Church for hosting Montlure Youth Night! Our campers and staff had a great time hanging out, playing games, and getting to know one another. Watch for details about our next Youth Night in January!
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Friday, January  26- Saturday, January 27- Casa Grande
Saturday, March 3 – Pinnacle, Scottsdale
Saturday, August 25- St. Andrew’s (Tucson)
Saturday, November 3- Chandler

Good Day for the Blues- Youth Event in March

Austin College ACtivators
will be at Orangewood Presbyterian Church
March 2-4, 2018
to help you find your funky bone and learn how to let in the Blues when they come knocking.
If your parents ask, tell them we’ll be talking about Genesis 3, 37, & 39, Psalm 22, John 1, and Romans 8. But mostly it will be a sweaty jam to the music of
B.B. King, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Keb’ Mo’, and Little Milton. And Jesus.
Jesus has some great Blues chops.

Students in 6th through 12th grade Cost is $50, all meals included
Program will begin Friday, 3/2 at 6:00pm and will conclude Sunday at 10:00am

The Austin College ACtivators are a group of Austin College students who work with Chaplain John Williams to plan and lead regional youth ministry events. Since 1995, the ACtivators program has involved more than 500 Austin College students, lead 600+ ministry events in 13 states involving over 48,000 children, youth, college students, adults, and senior citizens.
Orangewood Presbyterian 7321 N. 10th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 944-1508

Celebrate Your Congregation’s Hunger Action!

By Dr. Tamera Zivic

Have you Heard that You may be part of a Hunger Action Congregation?  So, what does THAT mean?
The Presbyterian Hunger Program, PC(USA) is celebrating the faithful work of Presbyterians responding to the biblical call to alleviate hunger and end its causes. We wish to acknowledge the work you are doing to end hunger, and to be mutually inspired to deepen and broaden our ministries.  (Food-Faith Hunger Covenant. (2017, May 31). Retrieved June 30, 2017, from

Through these many years, I have had the honor of working, through WHEAT and as the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery, with many of our congregations as they venture into new ways to tackle the issues surrounding poverty and hunger and the struggle to find the means to help others help themselves.

Presbytery of Grand Canyon has a lot to celebrate as we continue to provide emergency food, speak out against injustices in our communities, such as supporting the Campaign for Fair Food, make lifestyle choices that have long term effects on the earth and the wages people earn like buying t-shirts from Sweat Free T’s, provide mission funds to support developing countries, participate in the Cents-Ability program and so much more.

But is celebrating the right thing to do when it is what is expected of us and is our Christian calling – to help others when they are in need?  I would say ‘yes,’ not to give ourselves a pat on the back, but to celebrate what we continue to see as our personal ministry, no matter what the odds, always in all ways.  This is a celebration of the human spirit, helping one another, so that no one person is left without, a way to exemplify our beliefs.

The impact of our actions on others and how we live our lives, individually and as people of faith, may never be known.  That is also a celebration of our faith in the unknown and how living a life of giving will lead to joy and life for others.

Christ came so that all may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10b)

So, start with your Congregation and help us celebrate the ways that you are making a difference in the lives of one or of many.  This celebration and sharing with our fellow Presbyterians of the ways that we are ministering to, with, by and for others to alleviate hunger and poverty, also celebrates the changes that we are helping to make, worldwide, no matter how large or small.

Use this special time in the summer to acknowledge your place as a Hunger Action Congregation!  Help us Celebrate the impacts that you are making!

Yours is a Hunger Action Congregation if you are doing an activity in one or more of these areas.

1) Hunger Alleviation
2) Development assistance
3) Hunger Education
4) Lifestyle Integrity
5) Corporate and Public Policy Witness
6) Worship

For congregations that are doing one or more activity in all six areas, you can be a Certified Hunger Action Congregation.  All of the Hunger Action Congregations will be celebrated on October 16, World Food Day.  The PHP program would like to have at least 25 congregations signed up by September 15; you can find the instructions and Hunger Action Congregation form here:

Need more information or guidance?  I’m here to help!

Dr. Tamera Zivic serves as the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery & Executive Director/CEO of WHEAT.  The mission of the World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task Force, Inc. (WHEAT) is to educate, advocate, motivate and empower individuals to action in the fight against poverty and hunger.  The Presbyterian Church in Arizona was one of 19 faith denominations that founded WHEAT in 1979 ~ that relationship continues to thrive as WHEAT and its executive director, Tamera, serve as a source and resource for hunger ministries and as the Hunger Action Advocate for the Presbytery.

Contact us at:  602/955.5076 or  email:

Memorial hosts 2nd Annual Arts/Foodie Event November 18

MPC Events is once again seeking creative and unique artist, crafters, small business owners, and food/truck vendors for our 2nd Annual event being held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 9am – 4pm.

The event will take place outdoors in the courtyard. The fee is $25 for a 10’ x 10’ space (electricity extra) PLUS a $25 raffle item. Canopies or tables are not provided. Food trucks/vendors will be located in our parking lot, and a dining area with canopies and tables will also be located in this area. No non-commercial food items will be permitted. Fee is refundable only if event is cancelled.
We also welcome musicians/entertainers interested in performing for an hour or so at no cost/no compensation.

Due to limited space and the desire to have as much product variety as possible, the number of same type vendors (i.e. jewelry, bath/body, direct sales) will be limited. We will operate on a first come, first serve basis so reserve your space now!! Fee will increase after September 18, 2017. We look forward to hearing from you soon!!


Memorial Presbyterian Fall Event
4141 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix 85018