Leadership Team

Leadership Team

It is the responsibility of the  Leadership Team to reflect on the whole of Presbytery’s life; plan the Presbytery meetings; reflect on, evaluate and add focus to the core values and mission directions; oversee ministry exploration through the mission teams;  and to award mission initiative grants.  It is comprised of 12 members with the Presbytery Pastor, Stated Clerk, Moderator and Moderator elect participating as ex-officio members.

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2019.06.05 Leadership Team minutes GC

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Current membership:

Class of 2019
Rev. Cynthia Jennison, Memorial Presbyterian
Elder Kathryn Owens, Bethany Presbyterian
Elder Jan Palmer
Elder Ruby Smalls, Souhminster Presbyterian

Class of 2020
Rev. John Poling, HR
Rev. George Saylor, HR
Elder Craig Weber, John Calvin

Class of 2021
Mary Danforth, University
Rev. Mike Nieto, Valley
Elder Fred Warren, Southminster Presbyterian