Voices of Children

When I peered around the door to the sanctuary at Gila Crossing Presbyterian Church on Saturday, Sept. 01 to watch the children practice for their Christmas musical, they greeted me with warm smiles and big hugs.  With childlike curiosity they dove into their packages of school supply gifts brought down from Desert Palms, and examined each item with care and appreciation.  I felt greatly blessed to watch these children embrace their gifts from Desert Palms.

After prayers for the church, Gloria Sachta, Youth Minister, played Christmas hymns from her CD player as the children listened intently in preparation to sing each hymn. Barbara Bostwick and I sat among the children to offer our love, support and assistance.  When they began to sing, I was amazed at their voices in harmony as they sang the ageless hymns of Christmas. Their soft voices filled the sanctuary, and reminded me of the scripture passage in 1st Corinthians, “…the Spirit, expressed spiritual truths in spiritual words” 2:13. Truly, spiritual truths were expressed in the voices of children who sang Christmas hymns on that day.

For Him,

Suzanne Burke, Mission Elder


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