Arizona Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Heavy rains have produced some news film that reminds us that even in the desert sudden rains can cause disasters that not everyone is prepared to face. Some of our neighbors may well have been victims of these storms if not we ourselves. Your Presbytery Presbyterian Disaster Assistance team stands ready to respond to any community crises of the future. However, we would like to encourage Presbyterians to prepare know for what may occur in the future. This site will now be used to alert us all of some of the ways in which we can take steps today which might make the many tomorrows days for which we are prepared.

Karen Smith and John Cheek made a presentation at our joint Presbytery meeting with de Cristo about being prepared. . We are posting here a link to the presentation they made in hopes that everyone will take a look at it and begin to take even some small steps to make necessary preparations for the unexpected. This is a document we hope you will not only read but share in a variety of forums with your faith community.

We have also posted some very simple forms that encourage families along with their children to take emergency preparedness steps as well. We hope you will use these in your home, in your church school classes and in gatherings of all sorts. Doing so should prime the pump for everyone to begin to take important steps now to prepare for the possibilities of disasters in the future.

Your PDA team: Art Campbell, Bruce Porter, Jeanette Miller, Teri Conrad, Ed Spence, Karen Smith, Jan Mulinix

20130817 Disaster Powerpoint presentation for presbytery

20130817 Presentation for Joint presbytery meeting

FEMA_plan_childFamily Communication

FEMA_plan_parentFamily Communication

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