Lighten Up with the Humor of Jesus

Lighten Up with the Humor of Jesus is a short course with multi-media recently published by Gary Kush, PhD (HR).  It’s available to Presbyterian congregations free until December 31 when the publisher’s price will be $19.95.  The content includes the types of humor used by Jesus, how to use Humor-neutics to find and interpret the humor, and how to lighten up with Jesus’ humor.  It’s funny but scholarly.  Want something different? It could be used for high school groups, adult studies, or adapted for Lent Teach the course OR ask Dr. Kush to lead it, OR do the online version.  The course is professionally published by Udemy and rated 4.9 out of 5 stars.   It was part of Gary’s PhD dissertation in educational technology.   For a preview or to enroll online, go to or call Gary at 480.209.9592. No password needed.   Gary also does a 20 to 30 minutes comedy routine on the subject for church programs.


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