Music to give away

On August 11th and August 12th, Ministers of Music/Church Music Directors are invited to look over choral music that has been housed at Valley Presbyterian for quite some time and was owned by Historic First Presbyterian Church in Phoenix.

The next joint Presbytery meeting is August 11 and 12.  For interested church music leaders, Laurie Porter will be at Valley on August 11th from 1 – 4 pm, and Mary Saylor will be there on Saturday, August 12, to assist you.

Information you may find helpful:

  • Over 600 choral pieces
  • Pieces cover classical composers; Bach, Haydn, Bizet, Handel, Mendelsohn, and more., to contemporary composers such as, John Carter, David Allen, Walter Ehret, Greg Sewell, Austin Lovelace, Natalie Sleeth, and more.
  • Most pieces have an estimated 50 copies; don’t feel pressured to take all copies — take what seems right to you
  • Pieces are simple SATB through difficult – some pieces have instrumental part
  • Includes selections for Christmas, Easter, Spirituals, Communion, Children’s and general Anthems, Offertories, as well as some musical selections from Godspell, etc.
  • Significant but incomplete card catalog if you want to check for a specific piece

This music is FREE if you will take it and give it a good home.  Please bring your own box/container for the music you take.

If you are interested but will not be able to be at Valley Presbyterian onAugust 11th or 12th, please contact Jennifer Hamm, Minister of Music, Valley Presbyterian Church at 480-991-6424 ext.142.  She can work with you to find a date/time for you to look at what’s available.

If you have questions, please do contact either Mary Saylor ( or Laurie Porter (

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