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How does the rhetoric children hear in the media and pictures they see of children who are “different in looks, skin color etc.” affect the way they think of themselves and others? What are some ways we can help them see beauty in the ways God has made us different, and not to fear our differences?

read books about children and families of different ethnic backgrounds
read articles about racism and ways we are all involved in symbolic racism
learn what life is like for children in different countries and areas of the world
host speakers and learn what other churches and individuals are doing to be  more inclusive and diverse in their worship
PCUSA Racial Ethnic and Women’s Ministries
“Igniting an Intercultural Vision” Rhashell D. Hunter – Director The Racial Ethnic Torch Newsletter
Intercultural Congreg
ational Support Groups

P J – Cultural Awareness 1
P J – Cultural Awaremess 2

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