Promoting Healthy Family Dynamics

Why do some people (including Presbyterians) hurt the very family members they profess to love? Here are some of the relationship red flags of which we should be aware: harming animals, thinking of family or dating partners as property/possessions, growing up in an abusive environment, social media  stalking and verbal abuse.

We can short-circuit these behaviors by early intervention, and stressing in faith communities that all relationships must be reciprocal and respectful. Youth groups can learn about healthy dating interactions, and also what behaviors seen in a dating partner are dangerous. Adults can experience the liberating feeling of  moving beyond abuse into the life God has planned for them.

Opportunities for Action:

Classes and workshops in Grand Canyon Presbytery cover abuse prevention and education for every age: youth, adult and older adult. Contact Joan Fenton for more information.

Resources include:

* “Broken Vows”, a video featuring counselors, pastors and victims from several faith perspectives.

* “In Her Shoes”, an interactive walk through the lives of actual victims.

* A teen version of In Her Shoes.

* Exploring gender roles with teens, and how we believe men and women should treat each other.

* Victim classes, including the issue of the effects of violence on children.

Other Resources: (teens)  (victim resources in Arizona)   1-800-799-7233 (hotline)

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