Take Action Against Gun Violence

In the wake of the Parkland school tragedy and the with the voices of students nationwide ringing in our ears, the Peace and Social Justice Network urges you to review the current proposal for gun safety put forth by Governor Ducey.  We believe this proposal does not go nearly far enough because it does not address background checks and does not provide adequate funding for mental health counseling.  Please review the proposed SB1519 at  https://legiscan.com/AZ/text/SB1519/id/1779336

and send your comments to the Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee.

Steve Smith LD11 R stsmith@azleg.gov 602 926-5685
Vice Chair, W. Petersen LD12 R wpetersen@azleg.gov 602 926-4136
Sean Bowie LD18 R sbowie@azleg.gov 602 926-3004
David Farnsworth LD16 R dfarnsworth@azleg.gov 602 926-3020
Robert Meza LD30 D rmeza@azleg.gov 602 926-3425
Catherine Miranda LD27 D cmiranda@azleg.gov 602 926-4893
Bob Worsley LD25 R bworsley@azleg.gov 602 926-5760
Sonny Borrelli LD  5 R sborrelli@azleg.gov 602 926-5051

Link to Proposed Legislation

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